March 28, 2013

IBM Informix v12.10 - Watch Out For:

IBM Informix v12.10 - Watch Out For:

Informix Warehouse -

Consistent with the industry trend towards usage of in-memory and columnar database technology, IWA uses the concept of a snapshot. It now introduces the ability to perform Partition Updates, Automatic Partition Refreshes and Trickle Feed, putting Informix IWA into the real-time data warehousing category. The time-series to IWA loading feature allows the seamless migration of data from one format to another.

While IWA supports a large amount of commonly used SQL for data warehousing, the Informix v12.10 release adds a whole class of accelerated SQL/OLAP ANSI-SQL functions. SQL/OLAP eases integration with BI tools. The OpenAdmin tool (OAT) is now equipped to support IWA, minimizing reliance on the Informix Smart Analytics Optimizer (ISAO).

Informix v12.10 introduces the TimeSeries Plug-in for Data Studio, effectively bridging the gap on technical expertise required to work with Informix TimeSeries. Loading of TimeSeries data sets has improved with new custom loader programs, controlled writing to containers, and reduced logging. Managing TimeSeries has been simplified with Rolling window containers and the ability to Replicate TimeSeries data sets across the high-availability cluster and Enterprise Replication environment.

Processing of time series data is unique to Informix. The TimeSeries feature is implemented as a data type in a unique way to provide attractive performance and storage characteristics to manage and analyze sets of time-stamped data. Integration of TimeSeries and IWA eases its way into the integrated, interconnected business requirements, demonstrating its capabilities in collecting, managing and help perform complex analysis on the growing Big Data. 

Informix has pioneered the art of data replication in extremely demanding conditions, providing excellent performance without burdening the source database, requiring few or no application changes, maximizing system availability and ensuring consistent delivery of the data, and addressing the full range of business and application needs to use enterprise computing resources most effectively.

Informix v12.10 release has honed its high availability and replication technology. Replication is now supported on servers with different owners. Setting up a data consolidation model has been simplified. Monitoring improvements for replication queues and integration with autonomic storage provisioning significantly eases DBA responsibilities and reduces the potential for human error. A grid can be broken into meaningful subsets called Regions to ease administration and allow propagation of external files across the grid. High-availability cluster environments have stabilized application–database server communication against network failures. Informix Hypervisor allows you to quickly create preconfigured, optimized Informix instances in a cloud environment without having to install an operating system or the Informix Server.

Informix database server is associated with terms such as invisible, small footprint, self configuring and healing, hands-free administration, and many more. IBM Informix v12.10 improvements have raised the bar for embeddability. Compression technology has greatly improved and storage optimization is now automatic. Configuring an Informix server just got simpler. The new set of configuration parameters and their dynamic nature, setting the server environment variables in the local shell using a file and management of server connections on the windows operating system demonstrate the ease and simplicity to work with Informix server.

The SQL domain has been strengthened with enhancements to syntax options and relaxation of restrictions on many legacy syntax. Application compatibility has received a boost with the extension of SQL package, and support to other functionalities.

The new Primary Storage Manager performs Backup and Restore operations and helps embed parallel backup/recovery solutions with minimal efforts.

IBM Informix v12.10 bundles the web-based, platform-independent OpenAdmin Tool v3.11, that has a plethora of features that cater to application developers, administrators, and end users. OAT v3.11 comes with striking features, enhancing and enriching the look and feel, easing out the administration tasks to enable the monitoring of vital server information across the globe Enhancements to plug-ins result in deeper integration across features, benefiting the cause and business requirements. OAT accommodates the manageability functionalities of ISAO tool and provides intelligence to handle data warehousing.

OAT v3.11 includes a native iOS and Android app to provide database monitoring from a mobile device.

Informix Genero has improved the HTML5 theme for Genero Web Client (GWC) and added new templates for the Business Application Modeling (BAM) tool.

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