March 28, 2013

Heard of IBM Informix latest release?

Heard of IBM Informix latest release ?
Informix 12.10 is Simply POWERFUL!

IBM Informix introduced v11.70 in October, 2010. With the introduction of features, such as  platform-independent Flexible Grid capable of performing rolling upgrades and propagating DDL, Informix Warehouse Accelerator’s ultra fast in-memory and columnar database technology to support star join queries and time-cyclic data, Storage Provisioning to automate storage allocation, deployment utilities for seamless installation and improved embed ability, new SQL compatibilities and Interoperability with popular open-source products, trusted context and row-level auditing support, IBM Informix v11.70 reinforced its position as a next-generation database and was successfully adopted enthusiastically by customers, existing and new alike.

Continuing its legacy, IBM Informix v12.10, released on 26th of March, 2013, focuses on the ever changing database usage trends, ever demanding customer requirements and ever expanding industry horizons. It justifies to be the low-cost small-footprint RDBMS, viable for most custom business applications, from small to enterprise level. Focusing on the core strengths of Informix, v12.10 has significantly enhanced the Warehouse and TimeSeries technologies to address the explosion of Big Data.

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